Friday, July 13, 2018

2018 CLA Live Auction: Knife and Quilled Sheath by Kyle Willyard and Lally House

Lally House and Kyle Willyard have collaborated to make a special project for this year’s CLA Auction.  This knife and quilled sheath showcase the first quality work of two top artisans.  The neck sheath is a preferred Native American method for carrying the knife, it is safe to assume this useful method would have carried over to the frontier as it is both useful and attractive.

The hand forged knife by Kyle features traditional styling with an integral forged bolster, ebony grip, and sterling silver mounts accented with light engraving.  Kyle’s ODF (Old Dominion Forge) touch mark is stamped in silver, inlet into the 5 ¼” inch blade.  The knife has been completed with a very light, aged patina.  This well-balanced and extremely sharp knife measures 9 1/8” inches overall.  This knife showcases just how good Kyle is at his trade.

The knife is complimented by Lally’s Eastern Woodland style sheath with strap and neck guard.   Traditional brain tanned deer hide with a rawhide liner are used in the sheath.  Lally incorporates naturally dyed porcupine quills and uses the traditional techniques and designs she has carefully researched. The special strap and neck guard are also quilled. Lally is a leading authority in quill working and this is a striking example of her work.

Both Lally and Kyle are staunch supporters of the CLA.  Both are repeat auction donors,  Lally has served on the CLA meeting committee for years.  Both artists are all well known and respected in the contemporary longrifle community. This is a rare chance to acquire an important piece featuring both of their talents.  

ou may contact the artists about their work:

Lally House

The Contemporary Longrifle Foundation will have the Live Auction Fundraiser for the Contemporary Longrifle Association at the CLA Annual Meeting on Friday August 17 in Lexington Kentucky.
The CLF live auction takes place at the annual meeting of the CLA in Lexington, Ky on August 17 this year.  The Auction will take place in the Convention Center Exhibit Hall at 5:00 PM.
The CLA meeting and exhibition is for members only, however, non-members have two options.  They may attend and join at the meeting for $20.00 for their first year (with certain restrictions). Non-members may also use the absentee bidding process described on the CLA web currently under the CLF 2017 Auction section.  You also may call the CLA office for details 540-886-6189

Be sure to visit the CLF 2018 Auction website going up on July 15 for extended descriptions of the items and more photographs of each item. 

Text by Kyle Willyard and Lally House with photos by Ric Lambert

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