Monday, July 30, 2018

2018 CLA Live Auction: Quilled Powder Horn Strap by Djuana Tucker

The quillwork design on this powder horn strap is based on eighteenth century Eastern Woodland/Great Lakes style porcupine quill embroidery. The quills are naturally dyed with indigo, Osage orange, and madder, and they are sewn onto the strap using the zigzag and outline techniques. The strap is 36" long and 1 1/2" wide. The leather is smoked, braintanned, and walnut dyed by Andy Ruffner. The strap is lined with linen and has leather reinforced ends, with two 12" leather laces on each end. This piece has a $425.00 retail value. 

Djuana (pronounced doo WAH nah) Tucker has been creating porcupine quill embroidery pieces since 2006. She refers to catalogs of 18th century museum collections and photographs of original artwork for inspiration. She uses natural dyes to color her quills and is constantly researching to make her creations as historically accurate as possible. 

Djuana does quillwork demonstrations and workshops at living history events, and she has pieces for sale through the CLA website. Custom orders are always welcome. Follow her on Facebook to see the pieces she makes from start to finish and check out the instructional videos on her Facebook video channel.

Djuana has been a loyal supporter of the CLA Live Auction
Djuana Tucker

Text by Djuana Tucker with photos by David Wright

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