Thursday, July 19, 2018

2018 CLA Live Auction: Tansel Style Hunting Set by Ron Hess

This great smaller sized set is constructed around a six and half inch wide and seven inch deep bag using leather repurposed from a boot.  Ron Hess owned this bag but it was made by  fellow CLA artist Ken Scott.  Ron decided to make a Tansel style horn to fit the bag. And fortunately for us he decided to donate the end product to the CLA Auction.
This is a very successful pairing.  The great molding, scrimshaw and subtle color of the horn, along with its perfect size, compliment the handy sized hunting bag.  And Ron decided to add some accoutrements as a bonus.  There is an angel silhouette bullet block, a turned antler pan brush and vent pick, and a horn powder measure.  These Honorable Company of Horners folks go all out.
Ron lives in Georgia and makes powder horns and other items constructed of horn. He is a member of the Honorable Company of Horners and gives thanks to Art Decamp and Billy Griner for their guidance and knowledge.  Researching original works and incorporating those styles and techniques is the focus of his work.  This auction item shows how successful he is at his craft.

Ron Hess can be contacted at

Text by H Ahlers with photos by H Ahlers

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