Monday, July 16, 2018

Made by Jacob Gross for Jesse Offield

Jacob Gross was born in Sullivan County, Tennessee, in 1797. He married Sarah (Sally) Farrington on December 12, 1812. Gross died  in 1872 .  
Gross made this fine rifle for Jessie Offield. A silver plate on the barrel states "J. Gross for Jesse Offield."
Offield also lived in Sullivan County, Tennesse. Information on the internet says Offield  was born in 1788 in Sullivan County, Tennessee, in a cabin near the Holston Valley, probably very close to the Gross farm. 
Offield was  a veteran of the war of 1812 . In 1836 or 1837 he moved to Illinois and then on to  Lock Springs, Missouri, in 1840 to 1841. He died in Daviess County, Missouri, in 1849. 
Offield was a blacksmith and had seven children. He was also a man who took good care of his rifle.

Photos by Eric Lambert. Copy and photos supplied by a friend.

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