Friday, July 27, 2018

Hunting Horn and Pouch by Tom GrecoHunting Horn and Pouch by Tom Greco

This hunting set consists of a banded screw tip horn with leather strap, a leather pouch with decorative welt, a flint wallet, lathe turned cleaning tools, an antler measure, pan brush and vent pick. This entire set exhibits close attentional to detail and the pride in workmanship that mark all Tom Greco products.

The horn is medium sized with a nice warm color with two white bands. The bands have fine molding lines.  The turned antler screw tip shows excellent lathe work. The hand worked spout plug is interesting in that plug has sealing grooves for grease and the tang echos the pattern found on the welt of the hunting bag.

The Hunting bag itself  is 10 inches long and 8 inches deep, It is a soft brown leather with a flapped pocket covered by the bag flap and a second interior pocket.  This bag is set off by its careful design and workmanship.  The welting carved border is very attractive.  The design of the bag extensions that mount the D rings for the horn strap are especially well done and well thought out.  The strap is leather with a brass buckle and a turned antler vent pick and pan brush attached.  The brush and pick and the measure on the bag have the same black and white woven cords for attachment. Two wooden beads set off the cordage.

Inside the pouch are some classy accoutrements. There is a flint wallet that is sized to also hold a set of the Greco turned brass and steel cleaning jag and bullet puller in 54 caliber.  I have one of these sets and recommend them.    Also there is a loading block in the same caliber.  I sure Tom will trade them out for another caliber if you prefer.

Tom Greco is a Woodbury trained artist and this set exemplifies  the high end of the Woodbury style.  I find this pouch very appealing.  It reproduces the work of a professional cordwainer or saddle maker.  I also like bags that look like they’re stitched up on the frontier around campfires but this bag and horn has more refined look and feel and brings to mind those successful settlers along the Cumberland Valley with their Jacob Young or Thomas Simpson rifles.

Tom Greco has been a reliable and regular supporter and of the CLA Auction. He is a regular at the Woodbury rifle and knife classes. 

Tom Greco may be contacted at;

Text by H Ahlers with photos by H Ahlers

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