Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rare and Early Regulation Type First Model/Longland Pattern Brown Bess Musket,ca. 1720-1728

In overall very good+, condition. The round, pin-fastened, 45 1/2", sighted, .78+ caliber, iron and smoothbore barrel with a baluster-turned breech. A fine touch-hole and bore with evidence of expected use. The lock with smooth steel-gray surfaces, a single bridle-screw, behind the original gooseneck hammer and an early form, trefoil-finial frizzen spring. Marked on the tail of the lockplate with the vestige of an effaced date/George I Royal Cypher marking. Banana form, rounded, lockplate with a bridle-less powder-pan. Molded and finely carved, early Longland Pattern, walnut fullstock with a raised-carved beaver-tail apron, around the barrel tang, a pronounced raised lobe on the handrail-- at the ramrod entry pipe and a well-defined comb, on the buttstock. The sideplate and lockplate mortises with finely relief carved teardrop borders. Early Regulation Longland type full brass hardware: the buttplate with a long, screw-fastened, 3-stepped tang, the trigger-guard with an early trefoil type forward finial and a fluted bow, a raised sideplate with a tail, two (2) iron sidebolts, a Shield-type wrist-escutcheon and its four (4) baluster-turned ramrod pipes (for the original? wooden rammer). Of early Regulation Pattern design, ca. 1720. In overall very good+, well-used, original flintlock condition. The lock and barrel with smooth, evenly toned, untouched, iron surfaces and patches of discoloration, light staining and the expected signs of use and wear: a very good bore. In mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring, fine timing and its original lock components. Very good stock with signs of extended military use. Retains 75%+ finish with scattered handling marks, light abrasions, minor old forestock repairs/tight hairlines. The brass furniture with an untouched, smooth, mustard toned age-patina. A Very Seldom Seen & Early Regulation Longland Pattern Musket, ca. 1720-1728. Both sling-swivels removed. Overall length, 60". ****For similar examples and additional information, please see H. L. Blackmore’s: “British Military Firearms 1650-1850”, pg. 74-75 & G. C. Neumann’s: “Battle Weapons of the American Revolution”, pg. 56-57. Recently acquired from an Old New York Collection.

Copy and photos from Ambrose Antiques.

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