Monday, November 2, 2015

A Newly Designed Mountain Rifle Kit by Jim Kibler

The design of this rifle is inspired by the work of Joseph Whitson from Western North Carolina.  

A notable feature of these kits is the method by which stocks are produced. Instead of being produced on traditional pantograph type duplicating machines, CNC technology is being used. The stocks and hardware are produced by Jim, the locks are provided by Jim Chambers and the barrels are provided by Rice. 

Features of these kits include:
    Clean and precise inlets.
    All parts are inlet and require very little fitting.  
    Barrel will come fit to the stock.  
    All holes (bolt and pin) will be drilled.    
    Stock surfaces are extraordinarily refined with little to no extra material.  
    Fully shaped tangs that extend the length of the wrist.
    Nicely designed iron hardware and custom set triggers produced specifically for this project.
    Kits will come fitted in custom packaging to provide secure shipment.  

Estimated time for assembly and finishing is 3-4 days for someone with little experience. Those more skilled might complete assemble in as little as 1-2 days.  Guns can of course be customized to make them unique. Grease holes can be cut, a box could be added, a decorative nose cap could be poured or perhaps a silver name plate could be installed.   

 A course on assembling these kits is being offered at this years Gunsmithing Seminar at WKU

More details can be found at  

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