Monday, November 23, 2015

David Rase

This project started out with a set of Billinghurst underhammer castings from Muzzleloader Builder's Supply.  Both the upper and lower tangs of the castings were reshaped to resemble the elongated grip of a Winchester Hi-Wall instead of the sharp curve of the original Billinghurst action.  I breeched up a .50 caliber Lynn Weimer tapered barrel that I happened to acquire a couple of years ago.  The rust blued buttplate is cast steel in the Winchester Swiss style.  A unique feature incorporated on this rifle are the left and right cheek pieces.  During my research for this underhammer rifle project, I learned that most underhammer rifles were individually made in lieu of being mass produced.  Armed with this information I thought, why not build a rifle that would accommodate either a right and left handed shooter.  The barrel has been rust blued and the action color case hardened.  The triggerguard, which doubles as the mainspring, is hand made from 1084 spring stock.  Several coats of Peramalyn gun stock finish protect the nicely figured English walnut butt and forestock.

Copy and photos supplied by David Rase.

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  1. Nice job on the under hammer. The stock is well done in the Hi Wall style!
    Tim Crowe