Monday, November 16, 2015

Knife and Fork Set by Kyle Willard, Wick Ellerbe and Mike Miller

I recently had the pleasure to put together a very special project, combing the talents of three artisans; each bringing their specialized skills to the finished set.   I was commissioned to make a very special knife and fork set with the only specification being the handles should be crowned antler.   As such, I designed this as somewhat of a contemporary set, though I still wanted it to have the look and feel of 18th century table cutlery.  The blades were closely copied from original knives and forks dating to the second half of the 18th century.  A matched set of antler was selected for the perfect size and shape.  Sterling silver was used for ferrules and butt caps.  Once the cutlery was finished, it was sent to Mike Miller, who engraved the customers monogram on the caps.  Wick Ellerbe was then asked to design and construct a leather traveling case that would both protect and compliment the cutlery.  He wet-formed the case, insuring a snug and secure fit.  Wick’s design for the case mirrored the cutlery by incorporating an engraved disc, repeating the customers monogram.  The end result was a unique and personalized set of tableware that is all the more special for the multiple hands involved.

Copy and photos supplied by Kyle Willyard.

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