Friday, November 6, 2015

Full Stock Somerset Pennsylvania Rifle circa 1850 attributed to Samuel Mier

Samuel was listed at 18 years old as a Gunsmith living with his father Jacob Mier. Samuel was known as one of the best an most important Gun makers of Somerset. He had two brother also gunsmith Jacob and William. He is known to have made some of the most elaborate Longrilfes with fine engraving to date. The rifle here for study has a 15/16 this barrel at 44 Cal. It has 19 coin Silver inlays that are all engraved and many acorns that are usually connected to Virginia. It has a very artistic unusual Coin silver side opening patchbox with brass inlay worked into it. as very detailed Eagle landing on some scroll branches. The wrist has inlay work that we call abstract in form. Few gun makers of the day experimented with such designs and patterns. It has a very unusual set of triggers that are hand forged. The Lock is in working order and original to the rifle. The trigger guard is classic for Sam Mier's rifles. There is a 6 1/2" toe plate with a lid release built into it. There is also a 6 1/2" long Wear plate that is a Samuel Mier feature. The Side Plate has three piercings and is similar to side plates that other Somerset Makers used, all are a little different to each other. There is a nice four inch long comb inlay. The rounded cheekpiece has facing half moons. with an oval in the Middle with a Federal Style landing Eagle. The rifle has very high quality workmanship from end to end. It retains a beautiful reddish varnish and is in perfect shooting condition. 

Copy and photos supplied by Steve Boyleston.

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