Monday, July 28, 2014

Mid 18th Century Rifle by Andy Hodgkins

This is my recent interpretation of a European trained gunsmith (possibly Bavarian) working in colonial America, in the years leading up to the F&I war.  I attempted to look at rococo from a baroque point of view assuming an experienced gunsmith was trying his hand at carving in the newer fashion yet still retaining the roots of his training.  This I think blended old parts with new art and  some charismatic flair thrown in creates a rifle with an interesting yet a business like personality in the game taking 58 cal.

Copy and photos supplied by Andy Hodgkins.


  1. Very creditable interpretation. Nicely done!

    Thanks for posting

  2. I am a admirer of your work. Exceptional representation.

  3. Very nice engraving and as usual your carving is remarkable. What a nice clean, crisp piece that would just "fit" in among any original. Keep up the great work!

  4. You are a true artisan


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