Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bowie Knife by Rich McDonald with Sheath by Jeanne McDonald

Here is a copy of an interesting old Bowie I made.  The knife is known in Bowie circles as Bowie #1 as it is so marked on the handle.  The handle has an upwards bend to it and it is believed to have been made to use with the edge up.  It does feel natural when holding it that way and it would have made a devastating cut with an upwards thrust.  The handle of this knife is made of burl walnut and it has nickel silver fittings.  The top and bottom of the handle has a border of nickel silver file worked into a rope pattern.  The handle pins all have domed washers.  Jeanne did the leather work on the sheath and I made the silver fittings.

Copy and photos supplied by Rich McDonald.

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