Sunday, July 27, 2014

Around the Web: Gorgets, Moons, Heads & Coins by Michael Galban

Michael Galban wrote an article on his blog Edge of the Woods on Gorgets, Moons, Heads & Coins. Below are two of the images with an into pragraph.

"Among the myriad objects which hold special meaning to Native peoples is a group of objects known as a shell gorget or “moon” gorget.  The moon gorget in simple terms is a round plate which hangs before the breast. They were originally cut from marine shells and were at times quite large, but soon after contact, the flourishing trade in silver objects spawned a silver version which held equivalent meaning for Native people. Sometimes, in the past, a round gorget-like ornament could appear permanently pricked indelibly into its owner’s chest as a tattoo."

Copy and photos from Edge of the Woods blog.

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