Saturday, July 12, 2014

Civil War Slouch Hat of Chaplain John Neil McLeod 84th New York Infantry

Ultra Rare Civil War Slouch Hat of Chaplain John Neil McLeod 84th New York Infantry

I obtained this at auction along with Chaplain McLeod’s combination trunk-bed, frock coat, captured Confederate canteen, Union canteen and mess gear, and more … all stored inside the trunk. It cost me nearly $400 just to have the stuff shipped to me. 

This hat is a classic “dead-on” Civil War slouch hat constructed of the finest high grade felt. It has the standard grosgrain edge binding, and the original narrow silk band around the base. The sweatband inside is long gone. The condition is very good with a couple small tears. It is solid enough to display on a wig-stand and has great eye appeal. Slouch hats from the Civil War are about 100 times rarer than the forage caps (bummers’ caps)… yet are still relatively affordable. This is the real-deal and looks great displayed with US or CS uniform items. 

Chaplain John Neil Mcleod - 84th New York Volunteers. Mcleod was a Minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church - Saint Andrews Society, and acted as such from 1833 until his death in 1874. He was a graduate of Columbia College. He served as Chaplain of the 84th New York in 1861-1863. We also have evidence that he was stationed at Camp Paulding in Baltimore in 1863. McLeod served from 1861 to 1863 which dates this old hat nicely to the early war period. A great item priced very realistically at $4,950.00 ... SOLD

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