Friday, May 31, 2013

Quilled Bag by Michael Galban

Quilled bag by Michael Galban in the “Iroquois” exhibit in Bonn, Germany. This one is of a quilled drawstring bag in the Kunstkammera (Peter the Great’s collection) and the other is a drawstring from the National Museum of Ireland. One is depicted in the catalog.

The Bundeskunsthalle has a facebook page as well. There are some great pictures there as well.

The exhibit is massive. It has thousands of Iroquois objects in it – both contemporary and ethnographic. There is an important catalog of the exhibit available. It is a huge book with all of the objects illustrated inside.

Photos and copy supplied by Michael Galban.


  1. Beautiful work, Michael.

  2. Michaels work is always the best. Not only because of his mastery, his painstaking research and attention to details....but he also knows and understands the culture from where this comes from. He is a part of it... Hats off to you Michael....Such beauty.