Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Knife by Rich McDonald with Sheath by Jeanne McDonald

Here are some pictures of a knife and sheath we recently made for a customer in South Africa.  The knife is based around the one pictured on page 62 of Madison Grant's book "The Knife in Homespun America".  It's called a Butcher Knife but it must have been for some pretty large animals as it's a very hefty knife.  It would also make a great fighting/camp knife.  I made the blade 12" long and my version was 17" overall.  I used curly maple for the handle scales.  The handle escutcheons are brass with steel pins and the bolster is iron.  Jeanne made a rawhide covered leather sheath with a shoulder strap and buckle. 

Copy and photos supplied by Rich McDonald.

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  1. A very high standard of work from both of you....I'm especially drawn to the sheath by Jeanne and would like to know a little more about the materials used and the construction.