Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dog Bone Bowie Knife by Leonardo and Eduardo Fontenla

This classic bowie style have a blade forged in Damascus steel rain drop pattern with 250 layers of a blend of 1095 and 15N20, a blend of steels with different carbon contents, providing a desired mix of hardness and toughness. The chassis is a twisting pattern welded of 150 layers of the same material. The defense is forge-welded with 150 random layers of steel and the collar the number of sheets welding is one thousand. The grip are built in bone with silver pin and washers built in german silver (alpacca) with a nice filework. The scabbard is made of vegetable tanned leather with german silver fittings.

This knife and scabbard were made by brothers Leonardo and Eduardo Fontenla of Forja Fontenla, viewers from Argentina.

Copy supplied by Eduardo Fontenla with photos by Valeria Parillo.