Friday, May 17, 2013

First Rifle by Cody Robustellini

Cody Robustellini is 14 years old and did this as a school project.

Ron Paull has taken this young man of 14 under his wing to tutor in the skill of rifle building. Cody wanted a rifle he could hunt with on Kodiak Island, Home of the Big Bears. Ron suggested for his first gun and percussion smooth bore of 12 gauge. Something big enough to handle anything Kodiak has to offer.  

While following no particular school, Cody built this sturdy half stock 12 guage from a blank. The barrel was an Ed Rayl which Ron helped Cody shape. This is Cody's first muzzle loader and a fine job at that. Cody will  be working  this summer for a commericial fisherman in hopes of buying  parts to build another muzzle loader next winter.

Many of us "old Timers" remember the name Ron Paull.  He was well known for his western fur trade era muzzle loading firearms.  Ron worked for Green River in Roosevelt, Utah in the 1970's. In 1977 he left Green River Rifle works and went out on his own.  In 1986 Ron got "his calling" and went to seminary college and still built a few rifles while in College.  After graduation and getting a Pastoring position in Montana Ron continued to build a few rifles.  In 2006 Ron and his wife Jean moved to Port Lions on the backside of Kodiak Island and began serving God and the people there.  While living the rugged Alaskan life style, Ron has continued to serve God, the people and build a rifle every so often. 

Copy by Scott Sibley with photos supplied by Ron Paull.


  1. Awesome, keep after it! Make sure we get to see the next one too -

  2. Great job Cody, I hope you keep it up and look forward to seeing your next project.