Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Raffle Prizes for the 2013 West Coast Horn Fair

Gary Bertelsen made a set of  "Osceola" beaded garters.  These are based on the original piece at the National Museum of the American Indian which says they are associated with Osceola and included in a George Catlin painting.  They are beaded in wool yarn.

Willy Frankfort, Master Horner of The Honourable Company of Horners, made this 18th century horn box.  The oval box has a Federal eagle 1776 on one side and Liberty on the other.  The horn started out round and was heated and molded to its current shape.

Day Horn by Jerry Frank

It is a small day horn and NOT a priming horn. It can be filled with powder and placed in a pocket on the hunt. It holds about 14 - 70 grain shots. The horn is capped with walnut sides with a horn spout. the Spout peg is made out of Hickory shaft, ebony fluted thumb hold, with a bone pin. 

Cotton Tail Rabbit Flat Powder Horn by Rick Froehlich.

Sewing Kit by Steve Skillman

A pincushion, button box, lucet, needle case, horn needles, thimble, and a bobbin. This prize is for the raffle for participants only.

We will be leaving for WA on the 23rd. We will log onto our pay pal account and enter the tickets there at the Fair.

Supporters can buy tickets through pay pal at this site: Events

Copy and photo supplied by Linda Shorb from Powderhorns and More.

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  1. The Horn box is amazing with the eagle cartouche! Like that day horn and the sewing kitt too. Impressive craftmanship.