Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Contemporary Makers Portraits: Earl Lanning

Earl Lanning is a distinguished mentor of the current contemporary movement. His enthusiasm is contagious. His place in the whole scheme of things seems to be that of an educator, intent on drawing attention towards young budding artists deserving respect within this specialized field. A personal trait seems to be un-selfishly diverting credit he deserved to the attention and benefit of others. Earl is forever supporting and giving encouragement to young and excited students entering this highly competitive field. 

To read the entire article about Earl Lanning by Mel Hankla go here.

Earl wrote the chapter " Thoughts from a Contemporary Riflesmith" in the Following the Tradition book by Gordon Barlow. Earl also talks about Friendship during the mid 1950's in Foxfire 5. He is also picture at a 1963 shoot with his daughter Judy, Bud Siler, and Joe Farmer in Foxfire 5.

Earl Lanning is also known for his bronze sculptures, one of which can be seen here.

This is "Menawa" that Earl is holding. More images of this rifle ca be seen here. The Menawa story can be read here.

Article about Earl written by Mel Hankla. Photographed at the 2012 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

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  1. Earl Lanning is considered a go to guy in this game. He will always encourage a new collector or builder. His statements about a new purchase or a recent build will always be given freely and with advice about what to look for or to change in the future. He is respected and admired by all who know him. He is a true American and the type of man you would want covering your backside going up Kings Mountain, or flying your wing in Vietnam. I am honored to call him friend.
    Bob Melancon