Saturday, April 20, 2013

Auction Items

Marked "LONDON" on top of the barrel at the breech next to a recessed "crown/GP" and "crown/V" proofs flanking a "IH". Stepped barrel with cannon muzzle, ball trigger and lightly engraved brass half stock.

 Flintlock Powder Tester
 The large rotating scale is graduated from 1 to 26. The iron trigger guard and buttcap feature a light engraving. There are no maker markings. The stock is smooth walnut.

Flintlock Tinderlighter
This all iron tinderlighter has no maker markings. The left side of the frame has a compartment for storing tinder. The top of the frame has a light floral type engraving at the rear.

Flintlock Powder Tester
The lock plate is marked "A RioM", possibly French circa 1750. The rotating scale is graduated from 1 to 15. The stock has a bird head type grip which features a carved head motif.

Copy and photos from Rock Island Auction.

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