Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fractur Polychrome Powder Horn by Carl Dumke

This is a modern interpretation of a Pennsylvania horn inspired by Fractur polychrome designs from the period.  The design has a double eagle "distlefink" with a heart design.  On either side of the heart are the initials for myself and my wife.  On the reverse is a rooster sitting upon one of many multitudes of floral designs.  The engraving The spout and final are turned antler.  I used similar colors used in many examples of fractur art.  It took a while to cut all the lines to accept the ink.  I used Winsor-Newton inks that have shellac in them--helps to aid in fast drying and are waterproof.  The wood plug is dark-stained tiger maple and has an carved Roman key design.  The threaded antler finial fits nicely into the plug for filling with powder.  I just thought of doing something different.

Copy and photos supplied by Carl Dumke.


  1. Please check your terminology. The decorations shown on the horn used are not fraktur. Fraktur is specifically a Germanic font style of lettering. Sometimes collectors and antique dealers confuse term because often old documents that contain fraktur (technically "fraktur schrift")and the types of decoritive motifs shown or the horn. The motifs are probably best described as decoration style common to 18th Germanic population in North America, especially Pennsylvania.

    Chris Witmer

  2. Fraktur is a folk art form which also encompasses script. The artist was not wrong in his terminology. Furthermore, he/she can call it whatever he/she pleases.

  3. Whatever anyone may say it is frakturish and I wish I owned this peice