Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rev War Style Powder Horn by Lee Larkin

This horn measures 15 1/4 in. on the outside curve and 3 in. across at the base. The horn features a brass reinforcing band at the tip of the spout. There is an engrailed strap ring about 1 1/4 in. from the tip. The round spout flows down to an engrailed shoulder. The horn finishes at the base with a domed, pine plug containing an recycled eighteenth century nail for a rear strap attachment. The deep incise engraving style of the four line rhyme is loosely based on an original horn; while the rhyme itself is copied from a song of the period: "All ages shall speak with amaze and applause of the courage we'll shew in support of our cause. To die we can bear - but to serve we disdain, For shame is to freemen more dreadful than pain." The horn features two floral panels; one incorporates a flowing ribbon with "Success to American Arms" boldly carved into it. The back side of the horn has a British warship being confronted with a hell horse or as I like to call it a nytemare. The horn is heavily chip and incise carved throughout. It has been lightly distressed and has a beautiful golden yellow patina.

Copy and photos supplied by Lee Larkin.

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