Friday, March 22, 2013

"Hearts of Oak" Powder Horn by Lee Larkin

The horn is 14" on the outside curve and is roughly 2 3/4" across the base. Architecturally, the horn features a carved spout with a band at the tip followed by facets leading down to an engrailed strap ring. There is engrailing at the shoulder. The rear plug is a slightly domed piece of plain maple that has a staple with a ring for the rear strap attachment. The plug also features a chip carved circle of connecting triangles. The engraving on the horn features an eight line "Hearts of Oak" rhyme. Six of the lines are original to me (bet you didn't know I was a poet too!). Three panels contain adapted floral designs and a fourth panel contains a "WAR" motif.  

Copy and photos supplied by Lee Larkin.

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