Sunday, March 31, 2013

Treasures of the Plains: Paul Dyck Collection

Items from the Paul Dyck collection at the Plains Indian Museum at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody

Dyck’s focus through decades of acquisitions was the buffalo days between the late 1700s and mid-1800s.

evidence of the transition and the influence of Euro-Americans on the Plains tribes can been seen in the Dyck collection. Early pieces were fashioned with natural dyes, trade beads and porcupine quills. Designs were mostly geometric. Commercial dyes and a proliferation of beads and color were identified with later items. Floral designs also began to appear. Clothing had a more European cut.

Much of the Plains Indian material in collections across the nation, including Dyck’s, came from Lakota Sioux, in part because they were the largest group on the Northern Plains, the curator said. Crow and Cheyenne items were also well-represented.

 Women's Ceremonial Headdress from the Blackfeet Tribe

A Crow Shield Featuring Eagle Feathers and a Painted Bear Claw

A Boy's Shirt Decorated with Porcupine Quillwork from the Hidatsa Tribe

A Northern Plains Painted Buffalo Robe

A Beaded Cheyenne Tepee Bag

Horse Hair Tassels Decorate a Beaded Hide Tepee Bag

A Bison Rawhide Parfleche

Engraved Decoration on a Bison Rawhide Parfleche

A Decorative Horse Mask

A Decorative Horse Mask

Quill Weaving Detail on a Hide Shirt

Details of a Beaded Elk-Tooth Dress

A Beaded Detail of a Hide Coat

Copy and images from the Billings Gazette where you can find more images and information about the collection.

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