Friday, March 1, 2013

Decorative Moravian Folk Art Pouch set by T.C. Albert

Finding good examples of old Moravian folk art to inspire contemporary work can be a challenge. I went to the source and found this book about traditional Moravian folk art that was procured directly from Czechoslovakia to inspire the decorative stitches used on this pouch flap. The book showed how similar stitches were applied by a Moravian leather worker to embellish the tops of a pair of antique men’s boots.

The pouch is outfitted with an antique powder horn that has fine decorative file work on its spout. It still has its original old spout plus the old iron “screw eye” in its base plug.

The customary bag knife is a fancy bone handled piece of antique table cutlery with poured pewter bolster and pommel. It is held in a molded leather sheath attached to the pouch strap. The strap itself is adjusted with an antique brass buckle.

Not only were the Moravians influential early American gun smiths, they were influential potters, smiths, tanners and leather workers as well.  Like the stitching on this pouch flap, the craftsman produced goods from centers like Old Salem, Bethlehem and Wachovia had their roots in the decorative traditions brought from their homeland.

Copy and photos supplied by T.C. Albert.

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  1. I like that. Good combo, and great work as always. Thanks for all you share with the rest of us.