Saturday, March 7, 2015

Work by Sharek A. Gadd

I just wanted to let you know that I look at your page every morning and enjoy each item that surfaces, whether antique or contemporary. 

I am not new to art or history, but am new to this facet history and its culture. 

I attended the Lake Cumberland show and displayed all of the items that I've produced within the past year. I met a great number of great people and viewed a great many pieces of utilitarian artwork. 

Attached are photos of my table with my work. 

Photographed at the 2015 Lake Cumberland Show with copy by Sharek A Gadd.

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  1. Sharek, I enjoyed seeing you display but I had no idea you made all of those items. Your work shows the wide range of skills exhibited by many contemporary artists in the longrifle culture. This probably
    Reflects the same skill sets acquired by many on the frontier.
    I especially like the hollowed lid board and the Banjo. And do you play it?


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