Friday, March 27, 2015

Pair of Muskets for Fort Pitt by Jack Brooks

Here is a pair of muskets I recently made for Fort Pitt.
They are from Tack of the Wolf kits.

Copy and photos supplied by Jack Brooks.


  1. Very neat work Jack. I bought their 1728 set many years ago, and it made up into a superlative Bess. Mine had very dense walnut - carved and finished beautifully.
    Again, great work.

    Taylor Sapergia

  2. I have known Jack for 35 years and in that time I have always been amazed at whatever he has made., as I have told him I have 7 Builders that I out on a plateau that the work is as good as it will ever get., this is in the Quality., there is a lot of room god us as builders to improve on., Jack is a Master Gunmaker., beautiful work,

  3. Very nice work, Jack. Love the "crispness" and overall look of these pieces, really well done. Thanks for being a great teacher and inspiration!

    Ed Wenger

  4. VERY NICE WORK ! But is that not the 1730/40 Pattern Musket whit the wrong lock ? The 1746 lock
    was in the 1742 Pattern Musket and this one has a simplified stock carving. If I'm wrong let me know
    I'm still learning.