Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tomahawk or Tool?

I recently collected this great hammer-poll style tomahawk with a possible PA provenance. The 9.25" hickory handle appears to be original though I suspect it was the seller who shellaced it. Close to the head there are clear fitting marks left from the maker's knife. 

The head is 7" inches long, with a 2.5" blade and an oval eye and iron wedges. It shows good symmetry overall. Although pitted in the body, the edge is less so - perhaps indicating a steeled edge. The blade has an obvious cant to it. This may have been for some functional or ergonomic purpose lost to us today.

I enjoyed the compact nature of this piece and its common shape. It no doubt served someone well. 

Copy and photos supplied by viewer.


  1. Nice old tool., made for cutting wood and nailing., 19 th century., heavy use left in a Barn for along time in a very damp area. I don't see it being a Tomahawk or Hammer Pole. The handle is very old and primitive as it should be., what is the really nice feature about it is, that it can still be used for years to come.

  2. This axe looks to me like an old shingle axe. My Uncle in Ontario had one identical to yours. It was flat on one side, though, and ground to an edge on the a broad axe. ...can't tell from your pictures if yours is ground/forged like that, or perhaps was when it was new.

  3. That's a shingle axe. Definitively.


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