Friday, March 20, 2015

English Style Fowler by Ed Wenger

This is a English style fowler I finished a few weeks ago.  It's based upon a Twigg style fowler, and stocked in English walnut.  The piece mounts a 20ga Rice barrel, and utilizes a Chambers lock.  The stock was not stained, but the grain was filled, then finished with Permalyn.  The wire inlay is sterling silver.

Copy and photos suppkied by Ed Wenger.


  1. Ed,

    Beautifully done ! The wire work is lovely and you have applied just the right amount of engraving to make the fowler look elegant without being over done. Great job.

    Dave Crisalli

  2. Very nice in all aspects. Elegantly done!! A very nice piece of art. The turkeys will just line up in front of this one.