Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rifle by David Crisalli

I recently finished a few other rifles that I gave away as gifts.  While I was building those, I thought it might be nice to finish one for myself.  I ran out of design ideas for a metal patch box and decided to try another wood one with a little decoration in the form of an engraved brass inlay.  Some other details that may be of interest to other builders....

Stock - Red Maple
Barrel - .50 caliber Rice, swamped, 42 inch 
Lock - Chambers Round Faced English
Barrel Finish - Partial browning followed by scrub down with Scotch Bright and bronze aging solution
Wood Finish - Scraped and burnished after carving, Sutherland & Wells Polymerized Tung Oil
Lock Finish - Case hardened and lightly buffed back to remove color

Copy and photos by David Crisalli.


  1. Great rifle! those Chambers Colonial locks are real barn burners but mine did not come with that elegant engraving. Everything on that rifle fits together perfectly. Thanks for posting.

  2. Tolles Gewehr,hätte auch gerne so eine.