Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Twin Rifles by Ian Pratt

A pair of Deep River school inspired rifles, made for two guys who have been friends for many years. 

Copy by Ian Pratt with photos by Maryellen Pratt.


  1. Very nice work. Are they as close to identical as they appear in the photos? Those may be the first swivel box lids that I like

  2. Wonderful. Among the nicest rifles I've ever seen.

  3. WOW!! Those are amazing. Beautifully crafted and love the swivel boxes....Mick C

  4. What calibre are the longrifles?

  5. Thank you for the nice compliments - there is some slight variation in the the forge and filework between the two, but yes the rifles are pretty much twins. I did give the stock and metal finish some subtle differences in character so the rifles would look more like siblings than clones.
    They were built around a pair of nice slim 4 foot long .40 caliber barrels that Ed Rayl made for me. Great shooters, was fun sighting them in! Had kind of a run on big caliber rifles and smoothbores for a while so these made for a nice change.
    The swiveling boxes are really a neat feature, have been seeing more of them on new guns since Bill Ivey's book on the North Carolina schools of gunmaking came out.

  6. Ian, Your work is beautiful, inspiring and yet so traditional and unique at the same time. The Truth is in paradoxes and these are certainly true American Longriflles!!


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