Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Importance of the "Kentucky Rifle" in the Development of Our Country by The Kentucky Rifle Foundation

The Kentucky Rifle Foundation 'Free Lending Presenters' Program is basically a 48 slide PowerPoint presentation the KRF will be making available [free of charge] to anyone who wishes to tell the 'Kentucky Rifle' story. Henry Bishop did a short presentation of this program at the February Lake Cumberland Show. The presentation takes about 20 minutes, is really basic and designed for the presenter to add any comments he or she wish to insert. The original presentation was put together back in 2003 on 35mm slides. This version is greatly improved with color and updated text.

Copy is provided for each side. An example is below on the Development of the American Longrifle:

The longer barrel contributed two fold in the development of the Colonial Longrifle: 1st- A longer sight picture improved accuracy and 2nd- a better burn of the powder available at the time increased velocity and distance.

The smaller calibers conserved powder and lead dramatically; 50-60 round balls could now be made from one pound of lead as opposed to only 14 or 15 balls used by the larger caliber German Jaeger.
Maps show the immigration of the Swiss/ German gunsmiths to Pennsylvania starting in 1682

Artwork by several artist enhances the presentation.

A map showing 2nd and 3rd generation migration of gunsmiths South and West

There are 17 examples of Kentucky Rifles in this section.

The KRF would like to have CD and script material returned, however, if there is a chance the material will be used again by presenter or club they may keep them.  Most important to the KRF and myself are comments regarding the presentation plus pictures if available.

Henry Bishop is the primary contact for the presentation. 

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