Thursday, May 22, 2014

Contmeporary Makers Portraits: Mike Mills, Joe Mills and John Barrett

Mike Mills, Joe Mills and John Barrett

Mike Mills

"I built my first flintlock while in pharmacy school in 1974 with the help and influence of Jimmy Caudill  of Winchester, Kentucky.  I was also greatly influenced by Hershel and spent a lot of time observing and drinking coffee in his shop over the years.  I have built flint smooth bores, pistols and rifles in addition to restoration work on new and old flintlocks.  I also have made leather and cloth clothing, hunting bags and accoutrements."

Mike Mills for Randall Mills

Joe Mills

Joe Mills made his first bag from a tanned muskrat skin when he was 12 years old. He did a lot of blacksmithing early in his career selling knives for $25.00 when he was in college. Joe has made horns and guns with help. However, he is best known for his hunting pouches and his restoration work on original pouches.

Joe Mills for Frank House with Frank Horn here

Game bag here

John Barrett

John began making 18th century items between 1992 and 1993. John makes hunting pouches and powder horns. He also has created wood block prints, sculpture and a weathervane. John is currently working on a doll in ivory and wood.

Bag and Horn Set for the NRA here

Powder Horn here

John Barrett Horn for Menawa here

Painted Buffalo Robe by John with a Shawn Webster Umbical Fetish here

Photos by Jan Riser with copy by Mike Mills and Jan Riser.

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