Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 Dixon’s Raffle AKA The HCH Summer Raffle

We have another excellent showing of work by members of the Hounourable Company of Horners. We'll start with the “Horn and Bag set”. This year we have a most spectacular pairing of a horn by Journeyman, John DeWald of Pennsdale, PA and a bag by Journeyman, Frank Willis of Emmaus, Pa. Let me just say, the pictures do not do this set justice! I am confident if you are able to see this set in person, it will amaze you!

John and Frank decided to go with a “high art” bag and horn set with a strong Pennsylvania Dutch influence. John's horn, with a double tulip shaped spout, chip-carved cherry base plug, is covered with intricate designs such as hexes and fraktur floral work and a fraktur angel. The opposite side carries the phrase, "Moge Got die Hochste Uhr Uber Dir", meaning "May God the Highest Watch Over Thee." The polychrome coloring and aging techniques compliment the bag perfectly. The woven strap is by Kris Polizzi of Elizabethtown, PA.

The bag is based on an original fowler bag owned by Tom Ames. It has a complex design comprised lacing and a PA Dutch circular pattern with piercings. Added to this is the use of colored thread, leather covered rings, gussets and borders. It's lined with a coarse weave linen fabric.

The set is also graced by a beautiful engraved and poly-chromed horn on horn vent pick by Journeyman, Spark Mumma of Jonestown, PA and a turned horn measure and brush with hand made chain by Jerry Polizzi of Elizabethtown, PA.

As we have done in the past, we are happy to be able to have additional items to be raffled off. The first is a beautiful moose hair embroidered pouch by Sue DeLille of Wilkesville, OH. We also have a super acrylic wampum beaded strap, graciously donated by Paul DesRosiers of Gastonia, NC.

These amazing prizes will all be on display at the Guild table at The Gunmaker's Fair, where tickets will be on sale for $5 each or 5 for $20. Those who cannot make the fair can join in on the fun by downloading tickets off the Guild's web site at 

Tickets and money can be sent to Treasurer, 
Art DeCamp 
2210 Acorn Circle 
Huntingdon, PA 16652

Copy and photos supplied by The Honourable Company of Horners.

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