Sunday, May 11, 2014

Around the Web: Kent Smith Longrifles

Kent Smith has started a blog entitled Augusta Gun Works and Forge. Below are some of the examples of Kent's post. He also makes hunting pouches and has a post on a keeping box he is making fo his daughter.

A Wilderness Rifle, 50 caliber, b-wt 44 inch Rice barrel, Chambers lock, forged iron hardware.  Typical of a Southwestern VA longrifle built along the Great Trail in the Big Lick - Holtsen River area in the 1790's.  The English lock would possibly have been an import or come from a fowler that was cannibalized to make a new rifle at the time.

Kent's hunting rifle, a southern mountain rifle, nice hard red maple stock, 54 caliber thin Getz barrel, 44" long, 1 inch at the breech and 13/16 inch at the muzzle.  Chambers Late Ketland lock.  Very simple hunting rifle.  Shot the first buck I saw with it last season.  82 paces so was real happy.

 My table at the 2014 Southern Arms and Craft Show in Williamsburg in March.  Every March, Dennis Glazener, Larry Floyd, Jim Fracncis. Larry Luck and I put together this show.  There are usually a good number of collectors and makers attending with an emphasis on southern made long arms and accoutrements.

Copy and photos supplied by Kent Smith of Augusta Gun Works and Forge.

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  1. That Southern Mountain Rifle is heart-achingly beautiful. I'm "gobsmacked."


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