Friday, January 17, 2014

Repurposed Table Knives

All of these knives started out as table knives.  The practice of repurposing knives from the table must have been a fairly common practice since so many of these knives turn up today.  We have no idea at what point in history the practice started, however some of the knives are quite old.   

The first knife features an old blade reshaped for use as a patch knife.  The blade was positioned in a plain carved wooden handle and held in place with flat faced dowels on each side.  The blade is marked, 1st line: GLOBE, 2nd line, JB Botson, third line is not readable.  Overall length is 7.75 inches.

The second knife is simply reshaped.  Its use unknown.  The blade is unmarked.  Overall length is 8.25 inches.

The third knife shape suggests use as a skinning knife or perhaps an even more sinister use as the blade shape is similar to some of the trade knives used in scalping.  The blade is marked W (crown shape) M on the first line followed on line 2 with, SHEAR STEEL.  Overall length is 9.25 inches.

The last knife is rather robust with handle scales reminiscent of some of the imported bowies.  Its use lost in history.  The blade is unmarked.  Overall length is 10 inches.

Copy by Art Riser with photos by Jan Riser.

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