Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hudson Valley Flintlock Fowler

Ca 1750, .65 caliber smooth bore, 50" round barrel with period added rifle-type rear sight. Left rear breech with correct proofs and stamp of Richard Wilson. Curly maple full stock, brass hardware.
Condition: Very good condition. The forestock in front of triggerguard has worn through the ramrod channel for approx. 5" indicating many years of long hard use. The forestock is cracked in half forward of the rear ramrod ferrule. The forward 18" of the barrel and stock have been lengthened (stretched) for restoration, as this gun was apparently shortened in the period. It may have always been used as a fowler or could have seen use in the French and Indian War or the Revolution - hence the rear sight.
Price Realized: $3,450.00

Copy and photos supplied by Cowan's Antiques.

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