Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flintlock Kentucky Rifle by Peter Berry ay Cowan's Auction

.45 caliber, 42" octagonal-to-round barrel. Top of barrel on the flat is PB engraved in script; left flat of barrel has an asterisk engraved at the breech. Barrel held to stock by three wedges. Grooved dovetail rear sight that is pinched in the rear and front to hold sight in place with two small circles on the rear and one small circle in the front. Blade front sight with diagonal lines cut in the base of sight. Brass engraved patchbox, lid of patchbox has an engraved inscription. Brass side plate dated 1802; brass ferules and triggerguard. Nicely raised carving in the Peter Berry fashion on the rear of buttstock and behind tang; nice molding lines incised carved parallel with barrel and ramrod channel.
Condition: Barrel has a dark brown patina with some pitting. Lock is a correct style replacement and fits the mortise like it belongs there. All brass has been lightly cleaned and has begun to re-patinate. Stock was sanded and refinished many years ago. We have studied the stock and have other photographs available that show it is old wood, but was refinished. A very attractive rifle from a "Golden Age" maker.
Price Realized: $6,900.00

Copy and photos supplied by Cowan's Auction.

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