Sunday, January 5, 2014

Buffalo Coat with Quillwork

Buffalo coat in the Nelson-Atkins Museum made by the Ojibwa (Chippewa) tribe as a gift to a white officer in 1789.


  1. I doubt VERY MUCH that is Buffalo ! That is just a blanket term museums use since they don't know hide types. The closeup looks like Elk and would be far superior for Coat purposes. Buffalo with the hair on is a different story.

  2. Thanks for the comment Anonymous,
    But that isn't a small county museum.
    I'm sure someone was able to authenticate the Buffalo, perhaps an area out of view in the presented photographs shows a better representation of the actual hide used.
    They may even have documentation.

  3. I know the term "Buffalo" was applied to this Coat before the Museum acquired it. Granted, the hole in the shoulder area does appear to be a lofty grain, (such as Buffalo) but I have a group of up close photos of this Coat and those show a smooth grain to the surface, such as Elk. I've worked with both hide types and you noticed each has it's own distinct qualities.

  4. Thank You.
    You should contact the Museum, I'm sure they've been waiting for you to help with the correction.

  5. I'm picking up a hint of snark here. Why would you take that route ?