Monday, December 3, 2012

Living with a Collection: Mitch and Angie Cook

From left to right is a small collection of Western Florida native points, a William Britain’s interpretation of Paul Revere’s ride. Steel striker box by Charles Miller, Birch bark basket by Dan Shears, Beavertail design noggin with antler toggle by Bob Lewis and behind that is one of Ken Scott’s book covers. Next is a Swan effigy spoon by Michael Galban and an earring by Ken Hamilton made from trade kettle scrap also hanging with it. Then a fish effigy noggin also by Michael Galban, then a folding knife by Ken Hamilton and a Mike Small horn. (both the spoon and horn are sitting on iron work by Kyle Willyard) Bird by Elizabeth Gaul, Human effigy Noggin by Ward Oles, Silver passport by Mark Thomas hanging from a Cherry display stand by Elizabeth Gaul and a ball bag by Joe Mills with a turned horn spout by John Barrett. Next is a box by Bruce Horne, “Mother of nations” ladle by Ward Oles and small tow bag by Joe Mills. And the last items are a glass jar of seaglass and pottery shards from Maine an antique (needle work?) from Townsend, TN and a small native pot by Julie Cook in 6th grade. 

Copy and photos supplied by Mitch Cook.

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  1. How nice to have one of my "book cover: frakturs in this wonderful collection.