Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rifle with Bayonet by James Poyas, Charleston, South Carolina

The rifle was built by James Poyas, Charleston, South Carolina. When found the bayonet had been broken, and only about 3 1/2 inches remained. There are photos of it in it's found state. Quality restoration on blade and release mechanism have been done.When acquired I had the butt X Rayed and was amazed at the amount of work that went into building this rifle with spring loaded bayonet.

The exact length and shape of the complete blade, the shape and location of the spring were determined by the x rays. The rifle is original flint, (Kethland lock) still has the staple behind lock to attach the cows knee lock cover. Great iron mounts, the heel of the buttplate runs the length of the comb. The iron straps that wrap around the comb actually secure the comb, this is a separate piece of wood, he used this method to install his re lease spring from the top of the stock. The release works just as the release on Queen Ann pistols and blunderbuss with bayonets. Poyas knew what was lacking on the KY rifle, the bayonet. He must have stayed up many a night trying to think of this system. But it turns the rifle into a pike, very simply by turning end for end and releasing the blade. Another of his guns turned up, a later rifle, Flint raised and incised carved, full brass box, brass mounted, marked with the same cartouche as this gun. GP on side flat of the bbl. This was a slimmer rifle brass mounted no bayonet.

Photographed at the 2011 Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show by Jan Riser. Copy supplied by a former owner. The rifle will possibly be at the 2013 Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show.

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  1. ls there any information available on the apparatus contained in the buttstock of this rifle