Thursday, October 11, 2012

Virginia Longrifle by W.G. Shipman

.50 caliber 44" swamped octagon barrel,
Ketland lock, engraved brass trim, raised carving

This Virginia rifle is stocked in a dense piece of curly sugar maple, an ideal choice for delicate raised carving and fine inletting. The hand burnished brass furniture has been lightly aged. The Jim Chambers' early Ketland lock is finished to a silvery gray patina. The 44" swamped octagon Getz barrel has a smooth brown finish. 

The swamped barrel is thickest at the breech for strength, tapers to a narrow waist, and flares at the muzzle. Cut rifled by the Getz Barrel Company with seven round bottom grooves with a slow twist for a tightly patched round ball. The barrel is fitted with a flat top rear sight dovetailed 11" ahead of the breech. The front sight is a brass blade dovetailed behind the muzzle.

The rifle is fitted with a hand made patchbox that features an engraved portrait of Daniel Morgan, the Revolutionary war soldier and Virginia statesman. The flat faced English flint lock is made in the style of the early work of Thomas Ketland. The lock plate is hand engraved Ketland & Co. in antique fashion.

The rifle is fitted with double lever double set triggers. Both the front and rear trigger have been custom made, and are neatly shaped with graceful curves.

Copy and photos supplied by Track of the Wolf.

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