Wednesday, October 3, 2012

13 Rings Fire Bucket by Steven Lalioff

The painted design is based upon original artwork found on a fire bucket from the 18th c. The letters within the 13 interlocking rings reads; "Liberty & Peace"...a motto we can all cherish! Each ring has painted upon it the names of the 13 original States. The clasped hands is a design copied directly from an early fire bucket...this handshake holds a secret.

Copy and photo supplied by Steven Lalioff. More information of this bucket can be found here.

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  1. Steven,
    As always, you have created a masterpiece. I am aware, as hopefully the entire makers community is, that making fire buckets such as yours, based upon years of scholarly research, is truly a labor of love. Compounded with your truly great craftsmanship, it does beg a couple of questions. Should we look at your work as a dying art, or do you have plans to offer a book, workshops, etc, at some point in the future. They represent a great investment opportunity, in my opinion. And yes, I do hope to one day own one or two!