Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pipe Tomahawk After Peter Angstandt by Carl Merck

The well known Kentucky Rifle maker, Peter Angstandt, made the original tomahawk in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1804. This is a handmade museum quality replication of this very hawk. 

This is a large pipe hawk with a haft over 22 inches in length and made of highly figured curly maple as was the original. The haft has two sterling silver inlayed bands, numerous brass tacks, and two sterling silver engraved plaques, one on each side. One inlay is engraved "Peter Angstandt" and the reverse inlay is engraved, "Rockland, TWP. 1804". The top and bottom caps of the haft are cast pewter with silver wire inlay in the design of stars. The heavy steel blade is decorated on one side with a sterling "man in the moon" face and the reverse side has a sterling "bowie knife" as is the original. 

The entire piece has been aged and has the look, feel, and patina of the 200 yr. old original. This pipe tomahawk is fully functional and can and has been smoked. 

Copy and photo supplied by Carl Merck.

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  1. perhaps you could show a photo of the original that inspired this piece