Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jeff Bottiger Powder Horn and Hunting Pouch Set

The bag is patterned after an early original. It is covered with an impressed deer foot design both on the flap and on the bag itself. The bag measures 7 inches across and 7 inches deep. The bag strap is adjustable with an antique roller buckle. The faceted horn has a band at the base and inlaid decoration at the spout. A turned bone piece on the base plug provides for attachment. The horn is beautifully aged. A powder measure carved to look like a goose, a vent pick and an exceptionally nice carved bullet block are attached to the bag strap.

Copy by Art Riser with photos by Jan Riser.


  1. Very, very Nice jeff...Top everything about this set.

  2. This rig is for sale for $500. plus postage. Contact Art Riser at