Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dixon Raffle Rifle by Nate McKenzie

This rifle, pouch, and horn will be raffled to raise money to support the 2015 Gunmakers Fair at Dixon's Muzzleloading Shop.
All parts and labor were donated by participants in the fair. Tickets are available at the fair or the shop.

Rifle- Southern Mt. Rifle built by Nate McKenzie.
Barrel- Donated and hand rifled at last year's fair by Paul and Mel Hartranft.
Stock wood- Donated by Dunlap.
Barrel inlet and stock profiled by Dave Keck at Knob Mt. Muzzleloading.
Lock- Donated by Jim Chambers.
Other rifle parts donated by Dixon's.
Pouch- Donated by Gary Fatheree,  The Leatherman.
Horn- Donated by Nate McKenzie.
Tow worm and ball puller- donated by Nate McKenzie.

Photos and copy supplied by Nate McKenzie.

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