Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 Canter's Cave Knife Makers' Seminar: Photos

Photo of the Knife Makers' Seminar which was held March 27th thru the 29th at Canter's Cave 4H Camp in Jackson, Ohio. Hershel and John House, with Willie White were the instructors. We had 12 students who ended up making 29 knives over the weekend. Roland Cadle attended with his 16 year old grandson, Elijah Sammons. Other students were Terry Smith and John McKee from West Virginia, Sam Thompson from McLean, VA, Bob Frisk from Mercer, Pa, Aaron Wolfe and Bruce Hines from Chillicothe, OH, Gary Ludwig from Greenfield, OH, Chris Prater from McArthur, Oh, Brian Shrader from Marion, IN and Mike Hawkins from Columbia City, IN.

Copy and photos supplied by Joseph McGee.

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