Thursday, March 13, 2014

European Style Powder Flask by Carl Dumke

 This was one of my submissions for Master Horner in the HCH.

This is a powder flask in the European style. The spout and internal valve are all turned horn. The flask has a horn spring and cam that will keep the valve open when the key is turned and closed if it reversed. The body is a turned horn ring sandwiched between turned tiger maple panels. On the side is a hanger made of brass in the shape of an oak leaf with a rat-tail curl to hold the turned and rope-carved red-deer antler tine. The spout plug is a piece of antler rosette affixed to the body with a brass chain. The woven leather carrying strap is joined at the bottom with a Spanish knot. At the ends are two turned horn bells with tufts of red deer main fur. The front panel is of a european design turned horn and engraved with a young red deer. The reverse is another turned and engraved horn panel with a blowing horn, my maker's mark and the year.

Copy and photos supplied by Carl Dumke.

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  1. Why, Carl, that looks like chalk-white horn inserts! Lovely Flask.


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