Thursday, March 27, 2014

7th Annual Southern Arms and Craft Show

The 7th Annual Southern Arms and Craft Show will be this weekend in Williamsburg, VA at the Holiday Inn Patriot. The show starts Saturday, March 29nd and is from 9AM till 5PM. On Sunday, March 30th the show is from 9AM till 3PM.

Some of the people attending are:

Mark Elliott will have his photography equipment set up at the show and will be taking photos of rifles and other items.

Eve Ottmar 
Jon Laubach
Neal Smith
Tim Hodges
Mac Spencer
Jim Melchor
Doug Douglas
Michael Tuccori
 Ed Wenger
Wayne Trout

Tim Crosby

Wayne Dunlap with Dunlap Woodcraft

Marty Ewing 
Troy Roope Stonewall Creek Outfitters

Mark Elliott photo by Mark, Wallace Gussler photo supplied from here, all other photo by Jan Riser.

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